We at Kerotest produce American-made valves that are among the best you can buy anywhere in the world. As an employee-owned TQM company, we don't just talk about quality, we produce it. That's why everyone here is empowered to give you the best product, the best value, and the best service. It's the American way...and it's our way.

In a new multi-million dollar facility, we have combined good old American know-how with state-of-the-art technology. Tried and true craftsman will run computerized, numerically controlled systems of incredible precision and speed. The result is a machining and manufacturing center that enables us to increase capacity, reduce production variations, and accelerate order turnaround time.

This new, seven million dollar facility represents a combination of experience and technology that will enable us to maintain our dominant position as a cost-effective producer of high-quality valves for the natural gas industry. Most importantly, this facility symbolizes our Total Quality Management commitment. This major investment is part of our continuous improvement process. A process driven to produce the finest American-made valves in the world. Like the products we make, we want to make choosing Kerotest an open and shut case.


The $4.5 million dollar investment in the Kerotest Louisiana Facility in 2002 allowed Kerotest to maintain our position as a flexible, cost-effective producer of valves for the natural gas and industrial markets.




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