Until now, the brand name didn't matter.

For Natural Gas

For Water Systems (NSF)

Whatever brand of polyethylene valve you use, it's always looked basically the same and offered the same benefits as the next guy's.

Until now.

Announcing PolyballTM. The polyethylene ball valve now made better by Kerotest. Better flow capacity. Better size range. Better operation. Better value. And full forward and backward traceability.

After investing millions in the manufacturing process, Polyball is a valve made better with state-of-the-art equipment, statistical process control, dedicated tooling and precision machining. Third-party testing verifies Polyball's performance and ease of operation, and we back it with a 5-year warranty that offers protection as good or better than any valve manufacturer worldwide.

Polyball meets or exceeds ASME B16.40, ASTM D-2513, CFR Part 192, comes standard or full port, operates to 125 psi, has a temperature range from -20 F to 140 F, comes with a bubble-tight shut-off, and is maintenance- and corrosion-free.

Better yet, Polyball is made in America by an American-owned company. Our ESOP is 20 years old  and our commitment to the gas industry covers nearly a century. We're not part of any multi-national conglomerate. Making valves is what we do and who we are. And we want to be your valve supplier for life.

To find out more information call us at 412-521-5942 or email us at kerotest@kerotest.com.


Joe Miller

Sales Manager, Utility Markets


P.S.  All Polyball valves are shipped direct from our state-of-the-art plant where we maintain ample inventory to ensure prompt, on-time delivery.

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